Thank you for visiting Immanuel Prayer House homepage and welcome in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Since the establishment of Immanuel Prayer House in the Killeen, TX area in 1990, it has become well-known as a non-denominational “holy mountain” for everyone. Throughout the past 30 years, God led many people to receive His astounding grace, healing, and miraculous signs. To those that were despaired from the seemingly irreparable problems and circumstances surrounding their personal lives, God opened the doors for receiving instruction from Him. There were many that were especially able to experience the works of the Lord through short-term and long-term prayer and fasting.

We at Immanuel Prayer House are striving to serve the Lord without causing anyone discomfort. Anyone is welcome at any time to come to the Prayer House to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that your prayers will lead you in the right direction to hear God’s word and experience His grace and power.


Thank you.